Aldershot Fencing Club
The AFC would like to raise £1 million pounds in order to have a
purpose built 9 piste salle built.

We are looking for corporate sponsorship as well as all other fund raising
ideas.  Any assistance/ideas would be gratefully received.

One idea for individuals is the "buy a box" and have your name in lights for at
least the next five years.  Have a look at the page "
buy a box" ... the coloured
boxes cost £1.00 to buy.  All you have to do is e-mail us and let us know which
box (or box's) you would like and what colour you would like them changed to.  
We will then let you know where to send your donation.  On receipt of your
donation .... your name will be put up for all to see.  

Another alternative for your box ..... if you have a family/company/club website
you would like us to link your box to .... then for an additional £5.00 this can be
done. (suitable links only will be put in force)